BuyingFinancing January 13, 2015

Free Money for a Down Payment!

Through the NHF Down Payment Assistance Program, you can basically get FREE MONEY through a GRANT! You don't have to pay it back, and it's not hard to qualify!

Last week I met with some clients and a Mortgage Lender whom I've worked with on several occasions. As I heard him explain this program to them, my jaw basically hit the floor. The monthly payment does end a little higher, but because you are getting the 3%-5% downpayment for free, it takes years (8 in my clients case) to make up the difference!

Here is what Andy Fernando from Alpine Mortgage said about this program:

"For many people today, the number one challenge to buying a home is putting together the down payment.  With Alpine Mortgage Planning has solved that problem with the NHF Down Payment Assistance Program.

NHF is a down payment GRANT, not a loan.  The grant available is either 3% or 5% of the homes price, and works in conjunction with a 3.5% down FHA fixed rate home loan.  If you meet the qualifications and criteria for the loan program, NHF is GIVING you the money for the down payment.  Here are the basic criteria:

  • 30 year fixed rate mortgage
  • Rates determined by amount of grant you request, 3% or 5% of loan amount
  • Maximum debt to income qualifying ratio of 45%
  • Income limits apply by county (King – $101,430, Pierce – $82,110)
  • Regular FHA underwriting standards apply

To find out if you qualify for Alpine Mortgage Plannings NHF Down Payment Assistance Program, get in touch with your Alpine lender today.   By providing your current income, asset, and credit information, along with a short interview for an application, we can get a preliminary credit determination very quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. "

I am seriously completely in awe of this program. If you have been thinking about buying a house, but are simply waiting to save up a down payment, I urge you to look into this program to see if you qualify. Home prices are on the rise, so by the time you save up the down payment, you will be spending more on the house you want. And dont forget this is a GRANT! They basically gift you the down payment.

If you have any questions about this program, let me know, or reach out to Andy Fernando. I highly reccomend him. His contact info is below!


Andy Fernando | Mortgage Advisor

Alpine Mortgage Planning

C 206.498.5355 | f 855.718.4221