SellingUncategorized November 19, 2013

The Best Quick DIY Fixes Before You Sell!

One of my favorite things is DIY projects (do it yourself)! I used to have a lot more time for these types of projects, but since having my son, I simply get my fill by browsing pinterest and other creative home bloggers out there. Here are a few of my favorite quick DIY projects that would spruce up any home – whether you are planning on selling or not!

By the way, all the ideas below are pinned to my own Home Ideas Pinterest Board. Take a peek at my home inspiration!

1. Add extra storage!

Who doesnt love more storage? You, and your future buyers will see any added shelf space as a bonus!

small bathroom ideas. Nice neutral color scheme and layout looks a lot like our bathroom.


2. Paint your garage floor.

This is a bit of a strange one, but have you looked at your garage floor recently? Stained with oil, paint, and who knows what else, giving your garage floor a clean and polished look is sure to please. Check out this tutorial at Painted Furniture Ideas blog. 


How to Paint Your Garage Floor


3. Add Crown molding to your windows

This quick weekend projects will bring a classy look to your home. It may also bring extra $$$ if you are selling. The small details make the biggest impression

Add crown molding to the top of a window frame for a serious yet simple face lift!


4. Make a great first impression!

Take a good long look at your entry. What does it say? Sad and old? or happy and inviting? This before and after happens to be one of my favorites that I'm contemplating for my own home. It would take a bit more work, but if the gal at Censational Girl Blog did it, so can you!

entry way transformation


5. Give your outdoor space a facelift

Especially if you live in a climate where outdoor living is a must (only 2-3 months here in Seattle) your outdoor space will be a huge selling point. Add a little greenery, paint your fence, or create beautiful hardscape like this tutorial below. 


DIY garden path. Brilliant!


There are so many quick DIY home project ideas out there. When selling your home or if you simply want to enjoy your home, a little goes a long way! Visit my Home Ideas Pinboard for more home inspiration!